Cheers to 21 years!

August 26, 2018 | LIFESTYLE | PERSONAL


Hey loves! I finally turned 21 & aside from being excited about that, I’m excited to finally be sharing it all with you. My birthday was so fun & memorable - the things that I CAN remember of course. My best friends & I stayed in LA for 4 days, unfortunately some couldn’t make it but to the ones who did - thank you so much for making it & having fun with me. XO

As for everyone else, let’s get right into what we did for the weekend!

Where did we stay? -

We flew to Los Angeles @ 7AM & originally we booked a penthouse for 3 nights but once we landed that morning, something happened to the house & we had to change the plans a bit. We ended up booking 2 different penthouses in different locations. The first one we stayed at the 1st two nights & the second one we stayed at the last night. Both penthouses had a skyline view of LA & that’s all I really wanted. The second penthouse was a lottttt bigger & nicer but you’ll see that in the video for yourself!

Daisha Ayanna | Quaintrelle by Daisha

My dress -

To start this, I just want to say I 100% got the inspo from Paris Hilton’s 21st birthday. I actually remember being obsessed with it when I saw her wear it. I was 5 years old & at the time I was (still am, slightly) obsessed with Paris Hilton & would watch her show every time it was on.. re-runs too. The older I got I was set on finding something similar or getting someone to make it for me if I couldn’t find it. Luckily I did find something similar! I’m so obsessed with this dress. It’s so pretty, I wish I could wear it everyday.. not that anything is stopping me from doing so but.. ya know! I’m usually one to never re wear something from an occasion but I don’t think that will apply to this because I really do want to wear it again & again. My dress is from MESHKI & if you’re in the US it sells for $323. The quality is so good & needless to say, so worth getting. My shoes that couldn’t match more perfect are Bebe & sell for $60. I wore a black faux fur coat that is shown in some pics & it’s from I.AM.GIA & sells for $121. I will be making a separate posts for a more detailed outfit post & similar finds.

Daisha Ayanna | Quaintrelle By Daisha

Theme! -

Kira Kira! - If you don’t know what that is, it’s that app everyone uses to make shiny things have fake sparkles to make it prettier & that’s basically what I wanted everything to look like. I wanted everything (and everyone) bright & shining. My color theme was rose gold, gold, silver & white. I asked my friends to stick to that color theme as well & they looked amazing. I will be linking where they bought their outfits below as my usual outfit posts! Besides the clothes, my cake was def my favorite thing about the whole look. I told my friend Mikaela that I wanted a cake with dripping gold & she found somewhere nearby the penthouse we stayed at & it came out perrrrrrfect! It was exactly what I wanted. She got the cake from Big Sugar Bake Shop in DTLA (Instagram @bigsugarbakeshop).

Daisha Ayanna | Quaintrelle by Daisha

Shop our outfits - click the photos below

So as I said prior, we flew into LA on August 25th. My birthday is on August 26th. The first night we just settled in & drank at the penthouse. The next day we started with brunch at Urth Cafe. I def recommend but it is sooo busy on the weekend. We went to Rodeo Drive after & did some birthday shopping! I decided to wait until my birthday to get the Gucci belt I’ve been wanting forever now & it was so nice finally getting it. It’s not as common to get the slim version but I’m not one to get wide belts. If you’ve seen in any of my OOTD posts, I always have a tiny belt. I might get the wider one later one though just because it is such a statement piece but we’ll see. I feel like it might just sit in my closet more often than not. We eventually headed back to the penthouse & got ready to go out to my birthday dinner.

Ordering my first LEGAL drink was so great. I didn’t have to worry about getting caught for once! Lol. I wish I could remember what my first drink was but I don’t. I just have a picture with it (down below) & know it was the bartender’s favorite margarita. We left there pretty late & partied at the penthouse again. The next penthouse we stayed at we spent at the pool & the following morning we went to a really cute sky bar in DTLA for brunch. After that, we spent our last day at The Grove. I did a lot more shopping this day. Most of my trip consisted of drinking, shopping & just living a little boujee - which is my fav thing to do. I can’t wait to do something like this again, hopefully soon!

After all that being said, come see my 21st for yourself! Click the video down below!

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Xo, Daisha

Here’s some other photos from the trip!


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