Lunch Date!

..and outfit pics of course



For anyone who hasn't seen on my Instagram by now, I'm obviously in a relationship.. with my BFF. Camren is my soulmate if you couldn't already tell. Anyway, we decided to go out for lunch today since we both didn't work until the evening for once. I'd never been here until today so it was a really nice experience. Besides their really good food, let me just say THEIR COFFEE. If you ever go to Jardines in San Juan, order some coffee!! I know most people don't go there for the coffee - if anyone at all, but it is amazzzzzing. Unfortunately we didn't stay long enough for some dessert but if you are ever in San Juan and want some amazing Mexican food (and good coffee) then you should definitely go there. It also has the prettiest patio to sit outside at, which you could obviously see here. 


Other than lunch at Jardines, we spent the rest of our time strolling through San Juan. A favorite thing of ours to do is go to pretty places, dress nice & catch up over food & coffee. It's more therapeutic than you would think if you don't already do this with your friends/family/significant other. We took advantage of the nice weather today too - not like California has winter anyway. It was actually so hot today, but I'm not complaining. Here are the rest of our photos from our little date. 

San Juan