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Mother's Day is coming & if you're like me you probably haven't got your mom a gift & probably won't until the day before.. or maybe the day of. A little bit of procrastination & a lot of not knowing what to get your mom because they're so picky & hard to shop for. I totally understand when guys freak out when not knowing what to get their significant other. I literally just ask my mom what she wants at this point. If you don't feel like asking your mom & really want to surprise her with something good this year, just keep scrolling to give her the perfect gift! You can click on the pictures to take you straight to those items.

Xo, Daisha



You can't really go wrong with this. One tip is if your mom wears rings everyday (especially her wedding ring), get a piece that matches that. If her rings are silver, get her a silver watch/bracelet etc. 


In my opinion, handbags are the hardest gift to pick out. For this I think you need a second opinion or just go with a solid neutral or light spring color to play it safe. But honesty, who doesn't love a new handbag even if it wasn't the first one you'd pick out? 

Little things

I think little things like everything above are the best gifts (besides flowers, jewelry & coffee of course). Can you really ever have enough cute cups for your water/tea/coffee? Can you really get tired of having fuzzy throws & candles?? Of course not. If you don't feel like going through the stress of buying your mom, sister, aunt, daughter, wife, or whoever, the perfect handbag or clothes or who knows what - just play it safe with these gifts & I'm sure they'll love it. Throw in a gift card to starbucks or her favorite salon to top it off (and some flowers). 


Hopefully you can find something special for the moms in your life this year. At the end of the day just spending time with them is what really matters. Hope you all have a great day with your momma's & if you can't spend Mother's Day with your mom, I hope you have a great day either way. 

Xo, Daisha


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