Puffy Sleeves

July 6, 2018 | OUTFITS


I've always been a lover for linen & right now theres tons of this style out. Below I linked different styles with this fabric & buttons so hopefully you can find something you like!


Xo, Daisha


Hi loves, it's time for me to switch it up and let go of the pink stripes for a bit.. BUT - before we get into this outfit can I just complain about the fact that I can wear jeans in June? It doesn't look like it was insanely windy in these pics but I these took FOREVER to take these because it was soo windy. California is so rude. CAN IT FEEL LIKE SUMMER EVERYDAY PLS. Atleast for a little bit.. Anyway, this top is super cute & aside from it being my favorite fabric, I love the sleeves the most. Any top with puffy sleeves or any type of statement sleeve - I LIVE FOR. I'm really starting to like buttons on everything as well. In one of my previous post, I had very similar buttons on some linen pants & I'll probably keep buying more items with it in the future. 


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