Valentine's Day Edit


Happy Valentine's Day loves! Not that I really take this holiday seriously but I hope you all are having a great Valentine's Day spent with your loved ones. Hope you all got tons of roses & chocolate or whatever it is that you love. Valentines day for me will not be spent with a boyfriend, at least not a "real" boyfriend, but with my fake boyfriend - Camren. This is also not how I'll really be spending my Valentine's Day, I'll actually be spending it at work, but today (February 13th) is all for you. Outfit inspo & how I spent Galentine's Day - according to Leslie Knope. Here is what I would've worn for Valentine's Day as a casual outfit out to lunch. I really wanted to wear my teddy fur coat and beret the entire time but I forgot I live California and that is literally impossible, even on the coast!! It was sooo hot. I did manage to take one pic in either my beret or coat and was melting while doing so. If you'd like to buy any piece of my outfit, there will be links to them or something similar down below. 

Other than melting everywhere we went to today, we spent the afternoon in Monterey, CA. I was really leaning towards going to a cafe so I looked some up the night prior & we had lunch at Cafe Lumiere. It is in a very secluded spot, it actually took us maybe 20 min to find, but it was so worth it once we did. It was also really nice being in an area that wasn't really busy. Originally I wanted to go to breakfast after seeing their menu but their breakfast ends at 11AM Mon-Fri & we sadly didn't wake up & leave on time. I will definitely be going back though so hopefully I do wake up early enough someday (probably not). Their lunch was amazing. Their coffee was even more amazing and it is just the cutest place ever. They had indoor, outdoor and upstairs seating so that was nice having options of where to sit. There is also a theatre that is connected to the cafe, so after grabbing some lunch you could go and catch a movie. It's a perfect spot for a date.

14 Things I Love


  1. Coffee - As if that isn't obvious. It doesn't just stop there though, I love getting new coffee cups or trying out different blends. 
  2. Faux Fur - One day my entire closet will be filled with them. Every color.
  3. Poetry - When I was younger I actually hated poetry but in high school I really got into it and now I have tons of poetry books in my room. I have one signed which is by one of my favorite poets, Lang Leav. 
  4. Sunglasses - This is my favorite accessory ever which I think I've said in one of my post already. Not only is it a perfect accessory but resting bitch face is a lot less awkward when the other person can't tell if you're even looking at them. 
  5. Hats - I love love love that berets and fisherman hats are in right now. It's all I ever want to wear now.
  6. Concerts - Cliche but I love being surrounded by people who are just as happy as you and enjoying the same thing. Pure bliss.
  7. City Life - I live in a small town & have my entire life. Ever since I could remember, every time even till now, I get overwhelmingly happy anytime I'm in the city. LA being my favorite but it really doesn't even matter what city. I literally feel homesick once I leave. 
  8. Old music - I'm talking 50's - 60's. Of course everything after that too but I love listening to old music. It's soo different and it's so relaxing to me. Some (not nearly all) of my favorite artist are Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, The Supremes, Smokey Robinson, Santo & Johnny,  & Paul Anka.
  9. Meeting new people - I'm always so intrigued by people's stories and getting to know them.
  10. SZA, Jorja Smith, Sabrina Claudio - I literally don't even need to explain. If you know them you know why, if you don't, go listen to them.
  11. I love when people give me the opportunity to style them & pick out their clothes, especially if it's a new wardrobe and not just for an event. 
  12. New years. My favorite holiday, not sure if it's because people become more inspired and motivated around that time so it's nice being around all of that or because of the New Years parties and outfits.. either way I love New Years. 
  13. Finding new coffee shops/trying different types of food. I'm not picky to either of these things so I love doing this. 
  14. Sunbathing. I love summer weather, even though in the last two years I've been loving cold weather but you can't blame me when California has 2 cold days a year. I love it when it actually does happen.. but warm sun on your skin is literally the best feeling ever. And of course just getting tan in general too. 

So I'll be ending it here. I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day.

Xo, Daisha