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April 6, 2018 | OUTFITS


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Spring is here & I'm loving it. (As much as I'm loving colored walls - you're gonna see a lot of this over the next few months). I haven't completely adjusted my wardrobe to spring/summer just yet since we keep having random rainy days still. This day was one of the hottest, if not the hottest, days & I'm so glad I wore a tank top. I was literally meltinggggg in these pictures. Anyway, back to the outfit- These trousers fit your bod so perfect! Being 5'0 ft tall, I feel that finding trousers that don't make you look extra short is pretty hard. Can any of my fellow short gals relate? I'm wearing wedges so that adds some length in my posture but it was for the outfit. They look just as nice in flat shoes. They have a slight paper bag look at the top but since I had my top a little loose hanging over you can't really tell. I'll def be posting another outfit in these in the future, probably with a bodysuit so you can see the paper bag details. I really loved these wedges with this outfit. You can get similar ones in my link since I originally got them from Guess but that was a year ago & they aren't sold there any longer. Theres tons of similar options which I'll link below like always. NOW, to my favorite part of this outfit. 



That's it. That's all I have to say... jk. Sort of. I actually bought this bag specifically for Coachella but how rude would it have been to wait until then to use it? I'm also the most impatient person you'll ever meet too so there's that. One thing to point out aside from it being the cutest bag ever, is the size. It's slightly bigger than my other one and that makes all the difference. Micro bags are cute and all and force you to only take what you need but sometimes we need the stuff we don't need. Yes that makes sense. You know you can relate! What if I NEED 4 different colored lipsticks and my keys and my money and my face powder and foundation and my charger and some gum.. and maybe a snack or two or three & some jewelry that I might want to wear later and two different pairs of sunglasses? Just in case.. I can do all that with this bag unlike my other smaller one! Don't get me wrong, I love my other one still but this one is just slighhhhhtly above the first one I got. Also, it's less casual. The gold chain and lock detail make it really nice & I love the little lock. I don't have to worry about anything falling out when my bag moves around or I set it down. I really don't have to go on and convince you to get or love this bag, just look at it! You'll be seeing me rock it at Coachella this weekend. I'm so excited. Let me know on my Instagram if you're going to Coachella and what weekend! I'm really hoping it'll be warm when I get back home though so I can post cuter outfit inspos that will involve less pants and less coats.. You can get this look in similar items below & the next time you see me post will probably be my Coachella vlog! You can subscribe to my Youtube in my social icon down below or subscribe to my blog for updates right here

Xo, Daisha




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